Week 0 – Become a little smarter everyday

When you start reading self-improvement books and you start experiencing its benefits, it becomes addictive and you only want to read more and more. And then you find yourself spending more time reading and getting excited at all the tips you will implement in your daily life while having no time nor the will to actually do it yet because you are too busy reading!

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Week 0 – How I went looking for the secret of happiness

During the Summer of 2016 some major events in my personal life happened: the end of a long term relationship followed by a very short term major crush. Both events left me kind of…confused. Why did a 2 year relationship end without drama & why did the very short flirt leave me devastated? Were these events related? What is wrong with me? When a relationship does not work you first question yourself – am I good enough, what could have I done differently, what if?

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Week 0 – How I decided to learn something new every day

When I started my new and 4th corporate job in January 2016 I quickly realized that the problem was not the companies I had been working in nor the projects I was getting into. Corporate work does not fulfill my creativity, I have been drawing and painting since I was  a kid, I spend a lot of time reading novels, learning, traveling and dancing in the sun.

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Dessert of the day -Vegan chocolate mousse (with squash & hazelnut milk) – via Lalignegourmande

“It’s still crazy to find that it is possible to obtain a creamy and delicious foam, without a ton of butter and sugar. It really is time that everyone wake up and become aware of what nature can offer us beautiful and healthy, to realize that it is actually possible to have fun without damaging his body, but by doing well, simply. Yes I grant you, I preach to my parish and I ramble a bit. But I confess that every new discovery I am amazed by what some ingredients can make in the kitchen. ” lalignegourmande

via Mousse au chocolat vegan, sans sucre, sans beurre, sans pois chiche — La ligne gourmande

Soup of the day – the “All you can eat” Cabbage Soup via BudgetBytes

Do you remember the cabbage soup diet? It was one of those crazy fad diets where you were supposed to eat as much as you want of just one thing (in this case cabbage soup) and you’ll lose weight without trying. While I would never advocate eating just one thing over and over, I have to say…

via “All You Can Eat” Cabbage Soup — Budget Bytes

Week 0 -How I started reading tons of self-improvement books!

2016 was the year in which for the first time in my life I needed to make both physical and mental changes, although having a good job, good house, many close friends and a long term boyfriend, I did not feel at place and especially I was still unhappy overall. It is easy to just follow the trend and never stop and think on what you really want and need.

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Week 0 – How I decided to become a nutritionist!

As wrote in my previous post, I started 2016 with the firm idea to take better care of myself. People that have known me for years remember that I could eat basically any kind of junk food without remorse or major impact on my body. But as I grew more conscious of the impact of my daily habits on my body I also knew that it was time to be more careful.

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