Week 1 – From New Year in Goa to relaxation in Kerala

As you might have read on Week 1 posts (Week 1 – Get ready for India! and Week 1 – Welcome to Tamil Nadu) my first challenge of 2017 was to have a trip to India. Although I have always been a fan of Bollywood movies (I discovered them 2 years ago while browsing in the movie section of a flight between Dubai and Hong Kong) I never really thought about actually visiting the country until I met some colleagues that really made me realize what an incredible and diverse country it was.

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Week 1 – Welcome to Tamil Nadu

Earlier this week I posted the “to do list” to get ready to travel to India in Week 1 – Get Ready for India!. Although it needs a little more preparation than a regular trip to a beachy resort in Thailand or Hawaii, it is very easy to find any information you need on the web. So once the ticket is booked, the Visa is approved and your luggage is closed, let’s discover the South of India.

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Week 1 – Get ready for India!

“Week 0” posts were the prelude to this 52 Weeks Challenge as they summarized which Lesson Learnt from 2016 which will help me address more carefully this starting 2017.

To be clear the real challenge starts now and, as you might have guessed, my first objective was to plan a 2 weeks trip to India (the extra bonus of this travel was not to have to wonder where to spend New Year’s eve as I was leaving on 28th of December and planning to spend it in Goa!!).

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