Week 0 – Become a little smarter everyday

When you start reading self-improvement books and you start experiencing its benefits, it becomes addictive and you only want to read more and more. And then you find yourself spending more time reading and getting excited at all the tips you will implement in your daily life while having no time nor the will to actually do it yet because you are too busy reading!

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Week 0 – How I went looking for the secret of happiness

During the Summer of 2016 some major events in my personal life happened: the end of a long term relationship followed by a very short term major crush. Both events left me kind of…confused. Why did a 2 year relationship end without drama & why did the very short flirt leave me devastated? Were these events related? What is wrong with me? When a relationship does not work you first question yourself – am I good enough, what could have I done differently, what if?

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