Week 20 – A week in Wilmington, North Carolina

On Thursday the 15th of June I took a flight to Wilmington is a port city and the county seat of New Hanover County in coastal southeastern North Carolina, to attend my Cousin’s wedding, the 4th I was invited to this year. Continue reading “Week 20 – A week in Wilmington, North Carolina”

Week 16 – The week I did not stay at home

The mistake I do not want to repeat this year is to put too much pressure on myself with projects about being rich and always be doing something important. I also cannot behave as I used to just a few months back: always being at home, resting, watching TV, reading or studying. The more activities you engage in, the more you want to be active, and this is exactly what I am feeling at the moment and how I have felt for the past 6 months. Continue reading “Week 16 – The week I did not stay at home”

Week 15 – The Day I subscribed for a 10km race

A hot wave surprised all Parisians last week-end and those who had not planned any escape to the fresher countryside met in the many parks of the French capital. Continue reading “Week 15 – The Day I subscribed for a 10km race”

Week 10 – Brace yourself, Summer has come…

…and gone again. This week-end  has announced the incredible summer we are going to experience in Paris this year, and it has not gone unnoticed!

Continue reading “Week 10 – Brace yourself, Summer has come…”