To Do: Simplify Your Life

As I have subscribed to Blinkist many months ago and have been a fervent follower of their daily newsletter aswell as of all their suggested readings since “Day One”, I was pleased to see that they lately launched the concept of podcast episodes on their websites (available for free here). The first theme is about  “simplifying” your life. Continue reading “To Do: Simplify Your Life”

15 Habits of the Mega Rich – Hilarious video by Foil Arms and Hog

This video is just hilarious and perfectly sums up the problem we face trying to apply to our daily lives all Self Improvement Books pieces of advice. Enjoy! Continue reading “15 Habits of the Mega Rich – Hilarious video by Foil Arms and Hog”

Week 10 – Pursuing on “Feeling Happy” mode

Here are two posts from blogger and PhD student in Organizational Psychology Benjamin P. Hardy that really inspired me today. The first is about 10 simple behaviors that will bring happiness to your daily life and the second, resulting from the former, suggests 8 ideas for a morning routine. I am adopting at least 3 of them!

Continue reading “Week 10 – Pursuing on “Feeling Happy” mode”