Productivity post of the day – 7 methods tested by Blinkist

Today Blinkist tested and summarized the 7 Top Productivity Methods So You Don’t Have To: Personal Kanban, Eat that Frog, The Pomodoro Technique, the Checklist Manifesto, Singletasking, Getting Things Done, Organize Tomorrow Today! To each its favorite method! Continue reading “Productivity post of the day – 7 methods tested by Blinkist”

Week 0 – Become a little smarter everyday

When you start reading self-improvement books and you start experiencing its benefits, it becomes addictive and you only want to read more and more. And then you find yourself spending more time reading and getting excited at all the tips you will implement in your daily life while having no time nor the will to actually do it yet because you are too busy reading!

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