Week 52 – Preparing Next Year’s Challenges

My 52nd challenge has been about carefully chosing my New Year’s resolutions, keeping in mind my experience of a year of weekly challenges that have more or less been achieved. Initially I wanted to look back at all the moments where I could have pushed myself more and that I could improve this year, like finding a job that fulfills me, learn to master a very expensive drawing tablet I got for my birthday, writing regularly on this blog instead of posting the 52nd challenge in February.

I certainly could have done more, but I could have also been less happy by pressuring myself even more than I did! Instead, I would like to write about 2 things that I read that have greatly helped me understand where my focus should stand this year. Continue reading “Week 52 – Preparing Next Year’s Challenges”

Week 49 – New Year’s Eve far from celebrations

I came back from Italy the day after Christmas (Week 48 – Christmas in Italy ) and went to work only for one day (because of a shortage in available holidays) before being finally able to properly rest during a long week-end far from the maddening crowd and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Continue reading “Week 49 – New Year’s Eve far from celebrations”