Week 36 – Morning & Week-End Routines (inspired by Laura Vanderkam)

Some time ago, while I had been listening on Blinkist to the audio summary of Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, I tried to implement an early Morning routine despite the fact that I am not AT ALL a Morning person. However, in the brief time I did it, I saw significant change in my mood and my Motivational Level. Problem is, I was starting a new job (and already getting up an hour earlier than on my previous one) & a new relationship (which resulted in me not being the only person deciding about my weekly schedule). There were too many unknown and new aspects that I did not master yet, which resulted in me failing miserably at the first attempt. Until, a few weeks back, I stumbled upon What the most successful people do before Breakfast, by Laura Vanderkam. Continue reading “Week 36 – Morning & Week-End Routines (inspired by Laura Vanderkam)”

Week 35 – I bought a Red Wheeled bicycle

I had thought about buying a bike to cycle around Paris for a while (since early Summer) and had even borrowed my mother’s old bike to fix it and see if I would like using it. However, the bike is old and heavy and even though in the process of fixing it I proudly learned how to change the inner tube of a wheel (it took me 2 hours), I later realized that there would still be too much work to be done on it so I’d rather just buy a new one that I would actually like. Continue reading “Week 35 – I bought a Red Wheeled bicycle”

Week 23 – Celebrating the 14th of July in Normandy and overcoming shyness

July has been an intense month between barbecue week-ends and getaways to the sea-side, so it has overall seemed pretty much like a period of vacation while still having to go to work every week day. Continue reading “Week 23 – Celebrating the 14th of July in Normandy and overcoming shyness”

Week 15 – The Day I subscribed for a 10km race

A hot wave surprised all Parisians last week-end and those who had not planned any escape to the fresher countryside met in the many parks of the French capital. Continue reading “Week 15 – The Day I subscribed for a 10km race”

Week 12 – The Guillain’s Method, my latest Nutrition experiment

At work we recently welcomed a new member in our team, a tall not very talkative young guy. Although we sit in the same office with 6 other people, I did not have the chance to speak to him in the short time he has been among us, mostly because I did not make the effort this week.

Continue reading “Week 12 – The Guillain’s Method, my latest Nutrition experiment”

Week 10 – Pursuing on “Feeling Happy” mode

Here are two posts from blogger and PhD student in Organizational Psychology Benjamin P. Hardy that really inspired me today. The first is about 10 simple behaviors that will bring happiness to your daily life and the second, resulting from the former, suggests 8 ideas for a morning routine. I am adopting at least 3 of them!

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Week 10 – Brace yourself, Summer has come…

…and gone again. This week-end  has announced the incredible summer we are going to experience in Paris this year, and it has not gone unnoticed!

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