Week 26 – On the Power of Small habits and on Getting Things Done

In July and August the city and all offices in Paris emptied and I was left thinking about how to organize my work and my activities from September on (that is when schools start and most of the people come back to work). Because we (girls) often like to set symbolic dates to change our routines and implement new habits (like new year resolutions, birthday resolutions, “important dates” resolutions) I started thinking about how to be more active, proactive and productive from then on. Continue reading “Week 26 – On the Power of Small habits and on Getting Things Done”

To Do: Simplify Your Life

As I have subscribed to Blinkist many months ago and have been a fervent follower of their daily newsletter aswell as of all their suggested readings since “Day One”, I was pleased to see that they lately launched the concept of podcast episodes on their websites (available for free here). The first theme is about  “simplifying” your life. Continue reading “To Do: Simplify Your Life”