Week 13 – The food I brought back from Rio – Recipe of the Brigadeiro

The Brigadeiro is a common Brazilian delicacy made from condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter and chocolate or nuts sprinkles to cover the outside layer. Continue reading “Week 13 – The food I brought back from Rio – Recipe of the Brigadeiro”

Dessert of the day -Vegan chocolate mousse (with squash & hazelnut milk) – via Lalignegourmande

“It’s still crazy to find that it is possible to obtain a creamy and delicious foam, without a ton of butter and sugar. It really is time that everyone wake up and become aware of what nature can offer us beautiful and healthy, to realize that it is actually possible to have fun without damaging his body, but by doing well, simply. Yes I grant you, I preach to my parish and I ramble a bit. But I confess that every new discovery I am amazed by what some ingredients can make in the kitchen. ” lalignegourmande

via Mousse au chocolat vegan, sans sucre, sans beurre, sans pois chiche — La ligne gourmande