Week 25 – Alone in Paris Part 1 – Back to Gym training

My S.O. having left for a 3 weeks humanitarian trip on the other side of the world and my holidays not being planned for another week, I was faced with the thought of being completely free for 10 days. And while being positively surprised by the amount of things I was able to do in these few days, while still having so many planned for the weeks to come, I started thinking that I should probably consider claiming back more of my time just for myself. Continue reading “Week 25 – Alone in Paris Part 1 – Back to Gym training”

To Do: Simplify Your Life

As I have subscribed to Blinkist many months ago and have been a fervent follower of their daily newsletter aswell as of all their suggested readings since “Day One”, I was pleased to see that they lately launched the concept of podcast episodes on their websites (available for free here). The first theme is about  “simplifying” your life. Continue reading “To Do: Simplify Your Life”

Week 24 – Organizing an Ancient Rome themed barbecue week-end

To celebrate the surprisingly persistent hot weather that has invaded Paris this Summer (in the sense that in July & August the weather is generally changing and can become unexpectedly rainy and cold at any moment), I decided to throw a big “Ancient Rome” themed party in my grandmother’s old country house. Continue reading “Week 24 – Organizing an Ancient Rome themed barbecue week-end”

Week 23 – Celebrating the 14th of July in Normandy and overcoming shyness

July has been an intense month between barbecue week-ends and getaways to the sea-side, so it has overall seemed pretty much like a period of vacation while still having to go to work every week day. Continue reading “Week 23 – Celebrating the 14th of July in Normandy and overcoming shyness”

Week 22 – Back to Paris Summer season (and to the next wedding)

Coming back from the USA was hard as I landed in Paris at 1PM, after a sleepless night sitting next to a snoring passenger, and going straight to my god-daughter’s 1st Birthday afternoon party!

Continue reading “Week 22 – Back to Paris Summer season (and to the next wedding)”

Week 21 – Exploring & Shopping in Houston

After a few days in Wilmington, North Caroline, I flew to Houston, Texas, to see one of my dearest friends from my days in the Oil & Gas Industry. Continue reading “Week 21 – Exploring & Shopping in Houston”

Week 20 – A week in Wilmington, North Carolina

On Thursday the 15th of June I took a flight to Wilmington is a port city and the county seat of New Hanover County in coastal southeastern North Carolina, to attend my Cousin’s wedding, the 4th I was invited to this year. Continue reading “Week 20 – A week in Wilmington, North Carolina”