Week 50 – Finishing the year with some cultural activities

By the end of 2017 I could see all Christmas dinners and gifts shopping time piling up while the weather was getting colder and colder and I only thought about staying home and watching movies all evening. Then, I came accross some discounts on popular plays and I remembered that I actually like going to the theatre and that it is also a nicer way of spending a romantic evening than watching a movie while eating crisps and candies lying on the couch. Continue reading “Week 50 – Finishing the year with some cultural activities”

Week 46 – End of the year Knitting production

Beginning of September I discovered knitting (see Week 33 – I am officially a Knitter) and since then I have never ceased to work on clothes and accessories for my family and myself. I love the possibilities, the creative and learning aspect and the fact that it allows me to watch television in parallel without the guilty feeling of doing nothing. This is what I made so far in just 4 months, so if you think it is hard, just start, it is easy, relaxing and so satisfying to see results so quickly! Plus, it is a great hyggelig hobby!

Continue reading “Week 46 – End of the year Knitting production”

Week 44 – My 3 weeks Crochet Project

While I was actively working on my knitting Christmas gifts, I had a tendency to talk a lot about it even outside the house (because it was all I was doing in the evenings while watching Christmas movies). That is when, during a dinner party, a friend told me about her past project: in a couple of months she had crocheted a dinnerware set with all kind of fruits and vegetables for her nephews. Because it was an excellent gift, obviously, I decided to make one too for my best friend’s children. Only it was 6 weeks before Christmas. Continue reading “Week 44 – My 3 weeks Crochet Project”

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