Week 42 – Working as a couple on a common project

My whole month of November has been occupied day and night by 3 things: by my regular boring job during the day, in the evening knitting and crocheting Christmas gifts (more to come on future posts), in the week-ends by working on my boyfriend’s new apartment. Continue reading “Week 42 – Working as a couple on a common project”

Week 41 – Running the Royal Race in Versailles (Course Royale 2017)

After I started running this Summer I also decided to regularly defy myself by registering to real races with friends: first to do something healthy while spending some quality time with loved ones while doing an original activity. Continue reading “Week 41 – Running the Royal Race in Versailles (Course Royale 2017)”

Week 40 – Picking Olives in Italy over the week-end

A few years back I had been helping a remote cousin who owns hundreds of acres of olive trees near Florence, Italy, during olive harvest. Since 2013, my mother has bought a house in Puglia, a region in the South of Italy, which has enough olive trees to make our own olive oil too! Continue reading “Week 40 – Picking Olives in Italy over the week-end”

Week 39 – Enrolling for a Humanitarian trip in Argentina

One of my objectives this year was to do more things that matter. Not particularly to feel better about myself but mostly to see what it feels like to do something I am proud of and that means something. I had a difficult end of a year in 2016, and most of my “challenges” were about feeling better and get my optimism back. As my job did not give me any satisfaction and I have decided that starting my own company is the only way to make me satisfied professionally, I also began to think that personal life should have a really important place and that this is what has been missing mostly lately in my life. Continue reading “Week 39 – Enrolling for a Humanitarian trip in Argentina”

Week 37 – The Complete List of the Books I Bought, Read and Loved in 2017

Because I have bought, read and been positively surprised by many books all along 2017 (many of which I have already written about on this blog), here is a complete list of everything I have been happy to discover this year. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to read all of the ones I have bought or been offered but, as every time I go on holidays the “books to read” list decreases quickly, I am sure that by the end of the year most of the titles hereunder will be in light blue. Continue reading “Week 37 – The Complete List of the Books I Bought, Read and Loved in 2017”

Week 36 – Morning & Week-End Routines (inspired by Laura Vanderkam)

Some time ago, while I had been listening on Blinkist to the audio summary of Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, I tried to implement an early Morning routine despite the fact that I am not AT ALL a Morning person. However, in the brief time I did it, I saw significant change in my mood and my Motivational Level. Problem is, I was starting a new job (and already getting up an hour earlier than on my previous one) & a new relationship (which resulted in me not being the only person deciding about my weekly schedule). There were too many unknown and new aspects that I did not master yet, which resulted in me failing miserably at the first attempt. Until, a few weeks back, I stumbled upon What the most successful people do before Breakfast, by Laura Vanderkam. Continue reading “Week 36 – Morning & Week-End Routines (inspired by Laura Vanderkam)”