For many around the world (and this is all according to the very reliable source which are social media) 2016 was quite of a transitional and confusing year. For me it was no different. It had already started with the firm resolution to change the things that were not working in my life, be more grateful and receptive to the ones that were, and overall become a better version of myself in all areas. I firmly believe that there are many sides to every person, and now that I am almost 30, I want to explore all the potential in my life and help those around me to do the same. However, last year did not really go as expected.

See, I am a half French-half Italian 29yo woman living in Paris (yes the capital of LOVE some would call it), I studied as an Engineer as this was something that really interested me while growing up and which I hoped would open numerous career opportunities, but unfortunately, while starting 2016 in a new company, I received final proof that this rigid path made of stability and routine, would never fulfill my life. I indeed willingly quit 3 well paid and high value jobs over my 5 years working experience only because in the long term they could not provide the excitement, the novelty, the everyday challenge that I need to feel accomplished, and that is all this blog is about.

All around me I see friends and relatives having the same doubts, the same craving for adventure, wanting to find out what we could become if we stopped following the confortable path drawn for us by society. Of course many authors have written inspiring books on how to become the person that you want and need to be, how to open your mindset and explore new possibilities to be happy, and my 2016 was about initiating this transition.

All along the year I implemented many changes in my habits, hobbies, diet, psychology, and what more. I started so many new challenges that by the end of the year I was exhausted: I read self development books, tried several meditation apps, registered to a gym for the first time in my life, enrolled to an online course to become a dietitian and start a new business, learned to cook, started volunteering at an animal shelter, pushed myself to go out more and meet new people while working more on nurturing my existing friendships.

With the beginning of a new year and after finally finding the right balance, I created this blog to push myself to have an amazing 2017 in order to feed it with posts, while not repeating the mistakes of last year and while sharing and maybe helping some of you get some ideas and clues on where to start their change.

Every week will be about a different “Challenge”, featuring several related posts. Do not hesitate to subscribe in the Contact section to receive updates on latest posts.

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy the journey!