Life in a year

I recently found a documentary on YouTube called “Life in a Day“, a compilation of selected vlogs of people all around the world recording themselves and their relatives on the same day, and I must admit that watching it was both a beautiful and dreadful experience. It is so simple and yet so intimate, it is touching, heartbreaking at times, its life in all its beauty, a compilation of moments of various intensity that make these strangers who they are. Just like that, it gave me the inspiration to come back to my blog which I had completely abandoned since 2018.

At the time I considered having achieved what I wanted or I should say, needed: to give myself new challenges for one, but mostly, after a hard period triggered by a love deception, I wanted to see beauty in everyday’s life, to fight meaningless days of sadness by being active non stop. As many self improvement books advocate, fake it until you make it, and in my case: fake to be active, creative, happy, until you actually are.

And that’s exactly what I did, I wrote on this blog every week for more than a year, and every week I found things to write about, sometimes I had to work harder to find ideas, which gave me a purpose that I needed. Eventually I realized that my life was full of new experiences, travels, books, people, craftsmanship, relationships and what more. And having a visual proof of it has helped me when times have been less fulfilling.

Now, 3 years later, a lot has changed but I haven’t lost my appetite. Some say it’s even have a syndrome: I start a lot and never finish anything. I actually discovered that I love to try new things, to acquire some mastership of on a new subject, maybe invest a little of money on my short lived new passion, experience it very intensively for a couple of months, and then quit or pause it after the excitement of the beginning and the learning curve has slowed down.

I honestly don’t mind, maybe my cupboard and my husband do.

After quitting this blog I didn’t completely abandon journaling as I realized how much I needed to keep writing down my life, only in a lighter and less time consuming version. After a break and months of thinking about it, I finally started a Bullet Journal which I have kept for over 2 years now. I actually started it when my fiancé proposed and I discovered that organizing a wedding needed some planning. And I have needed it ever since. I have needed it to organize a civil wedding in Italy and then a religious one in France, to schedule the works and purchases on the house we bought together, to record the appointments and prepare the paperwork when I became pregnant of our first child, to write down ideas to keep us busy during the first lock-down in spring 2020, to carefully log all the things that needed to be done before having the baby, to write the list of potential names for him/her, to log the dozens of recipes we tried while locked at home, the training I followed scrupulously to control my increasing weight, all the creative ideas I wanted to try and did, all the books I read, to record the arrival of Isaure, her progresses every month, to manage my busy days with a newborn, to prepare ourselves for a second lock down, to start interviewing for a new job…

To put it in a nutshell, time hasn’t stopped since 2018, things have just been different and new objectives have emerged. That’s the beauty of life, the happiness of reaching what was planned and the emotion experienced by living the unplanned. 2019 was a year of projects and then 2020 was rougher, my daughter was born between lock-downs, my family abroad has yet to meet her while she is now 8 months old, but on the other side my husband has stayed at home every day for most of her life, we have lived for a while with my mom when I needed help and she couldn’t work therefore enjoyed her first grandchild intensively, I have managed to explore my creativity freely and now we enjoy our home most of the week since we are not able to travel very far yet.

We are grateful to have been privileged and hopefully this post will be the first of many new records of our lives, our projects, which shall never stop but instead adapt to the unpredictability of life.

2019 projects

*besides reading everything Samantha Young wrote during my countless sleepless nights

Living in the countryside for over 6 months

Cooking (or trying to most of the time)

Growing a human being

Drawing a lot and starting a children’s book

Creating jewelry with polymer clay and selling it on Etsy on “Les Créations d’Isaure

Knitting to keep Isaure’s head warm

Traveling in France

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