Week-end in Venezia, Italy

Last week-end was our last trip abroad for a while. I said that Tallahassee was our last holiday because although we went to Venice, Italy, it was only to help my mom on a wedding she was organizing and in fact did not really have the chance to visit the city!I have been to Venice a few times already thanks to my mother’s job which is to organise all sorts of private and business events in stunning places. Last week-end my brother, my boyfriend and I were kindly invited to help her decorate a venue for a 340 guests wedding.

On Friday evening, after leaving work around 5PM, the three of us met at the airport to take the 7PM flight to Venezia. After a short – but delayed – flight we arrived to our destination around 10PM where an overboard Taxi, booked by my mother, was waiting to take us to the hotel. For my boyfriend who had never been there it was actually a great way to have quick peak of the city as we crossed it at high-speed through the Grand Canal.

After a short break at the hotel we went to see our mum, already working on the Welcome Drinks event. As it was the only “free evening” for us we decided to leave her (as she did not really need us) to check out Venice: to me, walking around Venice at a late hour remains the best time to “really” see it as the tourists are gone and it is the only moment to enjoy some quiet time.

On Friday though, we woke up early to start decorating the venue, a three floors Palazzo which had to welcome 340 people a few hours later. Luckily, between the errands, we had the time to take some pictures of Venezia!


After we finished we changed to nicer clothes right on time to welcome the guests in the amazing decoration created by my mum and enjoy some of the party treats (champagne and amazing Italian food).

IMG-20181001-WA0024.jpgThe funny part for us too was to prepare a few hundreds fluorescent bracelets, glasses and earrings for the guests, because of course we got to wear them too!

On the next day, after a short night, we woke up at 7AM to get back to the Palazzo just after the guests had gone to sleep, and to take down the party decoration, and replace it with a flowery one for the 11AM brunch.

The overall effect was very nice as people had to be dressed in white.

IMG-20181001-WA0002.jpgThe, soon after the end of the brunch it was time to go home, and although it seemed the quickest journey I was glad we went, as always we get to see amazing locations and help our mum on the process!


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