Wedding week-end in Tallahassee

A week ago I was just back from Tallahassee, Florida, where I spent 4 days for my oldest cousin’s wedding, hereby concluding 2018 wedding season.

A month ago I finally decided to attend my oldest cousin’s wedding, a very difficult choice considering it would be my second very short trip to the USA to attend another’s cousin wedding this year . Because I am trying to save money it was a difficult choice to make, although family is the most important thing, this seemed pretty ridiculous considering the price and the fact that I would stay only 4 days with 30 hours return journey.

However, un month ago I finally made up my mind for obvious reasons:

  1. Family IS the most important thing in the world for me and it is better to spend money on an unforgettable week-end with the whole family (one of the last ones considering most of the cousins are now married) rather than on stuff I don’t need and that I will probably buy if I have cash at the end of the month,
  2. The above mentioned cousin is the first-born of our generation, our big brother, he is always there for the others and I felt bad penalizing him for being the last one to get married (only 3 months apart from his younger brother)
  3. This is going to be my last holiday before a loooooong time!

Anyways, not much to talk about, Tallahassee is a peculiar city, the capital of Florida but definitely not for leisure. Although we had not much to do (for that we were glad to stay only a few days) I always like being the US, the food is tasty, everything is huge and people are nice. We also had to sleep in a very typical house rented on Airbnb, the only thing we could save money on.


However, considering the duration of the trip, we basically had food only at wedding events, we didn’t have any “major” time to shop, so in the end we just spent money on Uber, the fastest way to move around in a city hot like the sun.

The wedding was obviously beautiful and emotional, on Friday night the Welcome dinner was hosted under an enormous tree decorated with hundreds of lights.

On Saturday after a beautiful Episcopalian mass, we headed to the Goodwood Museum & Gardens, a landmark of the city for the reception starting with a Cheese and Wine buffet!


The Museum is actually an old estate, with beautiful old houses and gardens, regularly used for hosting celebrations.

After a short night and an early brunch it was time to pack, take a plane, try to sleep, land at 7AM in Paris and try to survive the whole day at work before collapsing at 9PM.

I was so glad we went, these experiences always make beautiful memories (which obviously require some logistics when all your family lives abroad) which I shall never consider missing again!

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