Week 50 – Finishing the year with some cultural activities

By the end of 2017 I could see all Christmas dinners and gifts shopping time piling up while the weather was getting colder and colder and I only thought about staying home and watching movies all evening. Then, I came accross some discounts on popular plays and I remembered that I actually like going to the theatre and that it is also a nicer way of spending a romantic evening than watching a movie while eating crisps and candies lying on the couch.

toc toc laurent baffie

A few months ago, a dear friend of mine, who has now moved to Panama, told me about a play called Toc Toc (which can either mean the sound you make when you knock on a door but which also means “A little crazy” in French). It is about a group of people getting to know each other after meeting in the waiting room of a very famous psychoanalyst who’s stuck at the airport because of bad weather conditons. The characters are all funny and lovely while showing serious pathologies all along the play.

alil-vardar-comment-garder-son-mecThe second play is called “How to keep your boyfriend” and I actually went to see it despite and not because of the title. It is the first one man show of Alil Vardar who until now had only been scriptwriting quite famous plays while paying in them from time to time. In this show he talks in a very funny way about relationships but also about his upbringings in Albania which was, and still is, a developing country. It was overall a nice moment although I would have preferred it to be less crude at times.


The last show we went to was actually a Christmas gift from my mother. She bought tickets for my brother and I for the “Barbiere di Seviglia” (The Barber of Seviglia). I am not a fan of Opera in general, in fact I prefer Ballet’s liveliness, but this time I spent an incredible moment! The set was very modern as in each act the singers where performing on gigantic musical scores. Because we went to the “young talents” version of the show we could also clearly feel the crazy energy of the comedians (which is sometimes missing from Operas)!

I was very pleased with my choices and from now on I will try to regularly book tickets for plays (tickets start at 10€!) and operas for special occasions!


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