Week 46 – End of the year Knitting production

Beginning of September I discovered knitting (see Week 33 – I am officially a Knitter) and since then I have never ceased to work on clothes and accessories for my family and myself. I love the possibilities, the creative and learning aspect and the fact that it allows me to watch television in parallel without the guilty feeling of doing nothing. This is what I made so far in just 4 months, so if you think it is hard, just start, it is easy, relaxing and so satisfying to see results so quickly! Plus, it is a great hyggelig hobby!

In addition to the clothes I was making for myself, this Christmas I decided to make personalized gifts for my close friends and family. We all have money to buy ourselves what we need. Hence this year, instead of buying items that have no sentimental value and which are either useless or repetitive, I decided at least to have fun while preparing the gifts and putting effort and love in it. Of course my creations aren’t as perfect as an item purchased in a regular shop, but at least my friends will remember where the gifts come from when they see all the imperfections in my work!


One dark grey-blue Snood made with size 8 wool for me; one Snood for my brother in the same dark grey-blue size 8 wool; three snoods made with size 15 heather gray, petrol and white Peruvian yarn for me, my best friend and my mom.

Pattern for “Apple Crumble Snood” available on my current favourite website We Are Knitters.


Three headbands: one in confetti size 8 Peruvian wool for me, one in light-blue size 6 synthetic wool for my mom (knitted in one purl one rib). One in red size 6 baby-Alpaga headband knitted in moss stitches.


A blue cap with a yellow ponpon made with size 8 Peruvian wool for my father.

Pattern for “Braille Beanie” available on my current favourite website @ We Are Knitters.

A regular hunting khaki cap made with size 6 baby-Alpaga wool for my uncle.


Pattern for “Fortezza Sweater” available on my current favourite website @ We Are Knitters.


A small pink blanket for my cousin’s baby girl born on the 15th of December and a bigger blanket for my boyfriend’s apartment (wich is freezing at winter because apparently “we” don’t feel the cold).

Pattern for “Nick Blanket” available on my current favourite website @ We Are Knitters.

In terms of knitting this is all I managed to do, most of the items having been done on the last 2 months of the year. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish all I wanted to do as many evenings were spent crocheting (see Week 44 – My 3 weeks Crochet Project).

Christmas season is also the perfect time to knit as every day several Christmas movies are broadcasted on TV and I could watch them in the evening on replay, while knitting, needles in my hands, a hot infusion and chocolate candies on the side table.

Anyways, I love this period and stretch it as much as I can, putting on the tree on the 25th of December until the 25th of January. Wich is convenient as the last gifts I wasn’t able to finish earlier are going to be made in January. Between those and the patterns I bought for myself I will be pretty busy in the upcoming months too without needing to buy any more yarn for a while!

Some of the patterns planned for January.

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