Week 45 – Christmas Party and ugly sweaters

On the 9th of December I threw my yearly Christmas party, to close this great year in style, and celebrate what an optimistic 2017 I lived overall.

It wasn’t the easiest of the years, but because I ended 2016 terribly, while not even having the will to celebrate Christmas (I think that was my lowest point) it was very important for me to have a great party this year. And this was possible thanks to my mom and her decorations that she used for an Enchanted Forest themed party for one of her clients (Week 43 – Creating an Enchanted Forest special night) that I then borrowed for the whole Christmas period.

A week before the party, on the 3rd of December I made my Christmas tree, too late if you ask me, but I did not have time to do it on the 25th of November as I usually do. I also took that time to decorate the whole apartment, and although I am usually very keen on over-decorating at Christmas, this time I surpassed myself.


For the party I tried to cook some things myself although, as a French representative, a big plate of cheese and lots of red wine couldn’t be missing, and as an Italian, I also bought the traditional Panettone and made a less traditional Pesto Christmas Tree.

But to make it more American this year I also cooked some Gingerbread Cookies and eggnog (something that does not really exist in France, although it has a name, literally “Chicken milk”).


As tradition & I demand, every year people have to dress up in theme, and this time, finally, ugly sweaters (and a lot of leopard costumes for my benefit) were seen! However, what I was most eager to this year, was to wear a very special costume: a Christmas suit bought from the brand Opposuits, which is starting to get some attention on social media!

“We make suits. Suits that represent people who don’t take themselves too seriously but still want to maintain a sense of style.” from www.opposuits.eu

Thanks to this advertisement I also managed to get my boyfriend the same suit, and although he was reluctant at first, I made some very good arguments about the fact that people always look good and are taken seriously in a suit. Not only did he enjoy it (although he won’t admit it), I also think we quite nailed it!


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