Week 44 – My 3 weeks Crochet Project

While I was actively working on my knitting Christmas gifts, I had a tendency to talk a lot about it even outside the house (because it was all I was doing in the evenings while watching Christmas movies). That is when, during a dinner party, a friend told me about her past project: in a couple of months she had crocheted a dinnerware set with all kind of fruits and vegetables for her nephews. Because it was an excellent gift, obviously, I decided to make one too for my best friend’s children. Only it was 6 weeks before Christmas.

And only I had never crocheted before. But if anyone could do it I could do it too.

Two days later, after the famous friend had sent me a link to the tutorial she had used in the past, I ordered all the necessary material to execute my plan. Just as for knitting, I started watching online tutorials, but contrary to knitting, I could not understand how to do it. I was stuck for weeks before I saw the same friend again, and in a few hours she showed me in person the basics to at least start my project. Here I was, three weeks before the Christmas party that was planned a few days before the real date, and many fruits to make.

That is how for three weeks I have barely been out partying and have divided my time between helping my boyfriend on his new apartment (see Week 42 – Working as a couple on a common project), knitting and crocheting while watching TV. Something that kept me going was in fact discovering 2 addictive TV shows: The Peaky Blinders which is objectively exceptional, and The 100, not as elaborate but very good considering the low-budget they had to make the show (and full of other TV shows actors including Desmond from Lost, doctor Burke from Grey’s Anatomy, Mary Alice from Desperate Housewives). You can tell it is not great production, but I have watched the full first season (24 episodes) in less than a week, so it is entertaining enough for me!

Anyways, the day before the party I finally finished all I had planned to do (although along the way the objective had been a little reduced compared to the original plan). With undisguised relief I was able to offer the gift in due time and I hope the kids will enjoy playing with it as much as I enjoyed making it.

The minute I finished the last leave of the last fruit I lost my crochet, probably a sign to get a life. So for a while I will retire from crocheting. Nonetheless, I already know what I am going to do when the break is over!

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