Week 43 – Creating an Enchanted Forest for a special night

Regularly my mother asks for my and my brother’s help to create, for a special event, a themed scenery in just a few hours. And the outcoming decoration is always breathtaking.

My mother is an interior designer and an event planner, the common theme being “decoration”. For the past years she has organised countless weddings and private events (balls, birthdays, anniversary celebrations and more).

She works on her own and organises everything (the logistics but also purchase and transportation of all the material and furniture) by herself. However, on the D-Day she often asks trusted people for help, mostly because all has to be put on place in a couple of very stressful hours.

In November she organized an Enchanted Forest ball for youngsters entering society. On this occasion my role was basically to get at 5PM to the mansion in which the event would take place at 9PM and then, in 4 hours, help transform an already beautiful location into a fairy place full of lights and nature. Easy peasy.

My mother had already collected vases, lights, trees, branches, flowers, fruits and moss and we had to recreate the vision she had made in her mind. That is also the reason she asks for her daughter’s and son’s help, because we know her well enough to understand (despite her very unprecise explanations) how she wants things to look in the end.

And this is the result.

I have helped her many times but this is time we made something quite impressive even for us and I wished I could have spent the evening at that ball afterwards to enjoy what we created in just a few hours.

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