Week 42 – Working as a couple on a common project

My whole month of November has been occupied day and night by 3 things: by my regular boring job during the day, in the evening knitting and crocheting Christmas gifts (more to come on future posts), in the week-ends by working on my boyfriend’s new apartment.

Writing on this blog has been a challenge lately, the very existence of this blog being to push myself to spend more time trying new things and “doing” instead of “waiting”. Although I often have time at work to write about the 52 Weeks Challenge, sometimes the mental charge is too heavy and I prefer resting and concentrating on regular work than writing on my non-native language on the blog. Hence the delay in the past weeks (still 10 weeks to cover until the end of the year, which is in 2 weeks…no worries).

Resuming to the subject of this post, a month ago my boyfriend bought an apartment  to be renovated, and for it to be ready for rent before Christmas, we knew that his month of November and a part of December would be dedicated to working on it. Because I wanted to help but mostly spend time with him on a common project, my evenings and week-ends were often dedicated to this project too.

The first day I joined my boyfriend to help him out, I was assigned to the bedroom wood flooring: after sanding it for hours I had to clean it and vitrify it. The second day, on a Sunday, I did the exact same thing in the future living room, from Sunrise to Sunset. Then, by Monday, I couldn’t move. I didn’t expect physical work to hurt so much (I train regularly so I thought I was in shape), and most importantly I still cannot understand how my boyfriend has been able to work for 4 days in a raw without being in pieces like me. But I guess he was, maybe he was just too much of a man to admit it.

Since then he has been working on the apartment relentlessly, whereas and I have been helping as much as possible, putting aside personal DIY projects whenever I could. We have been sanding, painting, cleaning, buying stuff at IKEA twice, building furniture, going around Paris collecting used furniture,carrying heavy home appliances, cutting old floor tiles and fixing new one. And my involvement is nothing compared to the work and the energy he has been putting into this project, his project.

That is why it could have been hard at times. Individually and for the couple. Being tired leads easily to being short-tempered and becoming upset for no reason. And of course we have fought at times, but barely and shortly. What has surprised me the most is the respect we have shown to each other. Each step of the way. I have been there although I had a million items to knit and blogs to write, a Christmas party to organise, even though my presence wasn’t always necessary, except to show him I was there, to make his life easier by just cooking him dinner or preparing coffee while he was sawing wood boards late in the evening or trying to fix a reluctant sink for days. And he has been there for me too, trying to come to all social events although he was barely awake at times, being careful to always apologize when he had been shouting at me for doing something wrong. Because I didn’t have to be there, but I wanted to, because I care.

Today the job is almost done and potential tenants are visiting the apartment this week-end. This means freedom and rest! Perfect timing as the end of the Year Holidays are starting next week. Anyways, besides learning new essential manual skills  as well as patience and resilience, I have also decided that I can do it, I am ready to buy an apartment of my own, refurbish it with the help of my boyfriend and maybe my brother and redecorate it with incredible taste with the help of my interior designer of a mother. That is all the luck I am wishing for myself for next Year, what a great 2018 I plan it to be!

christmas house

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