Week 28 – Partying between olive trees and Trulli in Puglia

For the past 4 years I have attended an unmissable appointment on the 10th of August in the South of Italy, in Puglia, to celebrate my mother’s Birthday. Problem is, around the same date I also have to be in central Italy, in Umbria, for the traditional festivities of my father’s original town.


Hence for the past years I have been optimizing my week of compulsory Summer vacation in Italy to attend these two events which are more than 600km apart while still making the most of it! I do not have any family in Puglia originally but my mother has recently bought a beautiful house where she lives almost continuously all summer. Hence the special trip. That’s where she is for her Birthday and the fact that the property can accommodate as many guests as you want, a DJ and numerous cats and dogs and fire fireworks from the house roof is not bad either!

A little back story first: Puglia is among the most famous regions in Italy  because of its history which is reminded to us by its ancient towns filled with extravagant monuments and churches dreamt up by Europe’s finest architects. Puglia is also famous for its fields of olives, its beautiful seas and excellent food equal of any in Italy. Travellers bored or worn down by the crowds of Campania and Tuscany can find release in the baroque splendour of Lecce, ‘Florence of the South’, or one of many lesser (but no less beautiful) Puglian towns.

Anyways I had no time for sight-seeing in the 3 days I spent in Puglia. I had however time to eat a lot of Stracciatella (the creamy heart of the Mozzarella di Bufala), fried fish, grilled Bombette (rolled meat) and Pizza (always Pizza).

I also attended the legendary Birthday party my mum threw, this time catered by the town butcher grilling meat right on the edge of the improvised dance floor.

It was a short trip so I am thinking about going back this fall for the olive harvest to help my mother make her own olive oil while enjoying some more than warm weather. In the meantime:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM! (dog on the right is called Puglia too)


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