Week 19 – Dear Future Me…

On June 13, I received an email starting like this:

“The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on April 24, 2017. It is being delivered from the past through FutureMe.org.”

A few months back I wrote my future self a few e-mails, not to forget what my objectives for this year, and more generally for my life, were.

In April I read about futureMe.org, a website  where you can write yourself an email and then pick up a date in which you will receive it. It is totally free, although you are welcomed to make a donation if you like the concept.

The website has only one page looking like this:


The day I discovered this website I decided to write myself 3 letters to be sent to my future self at 3 different dates I considered to be important intermediate milestones in my big life plan.

I set the first one a little more than a month after I wrote it, hence on June 13, a day before my expected departure to the United States for my cousin’s wedding (more on that on Week 20’s challenge). I actually wrote it on a particularly busy week which had made me think: my brother had just got a job in Paris and moved from Rome, Italy, right in my 50 square meters apartment for an undetermined period of time. I had also been spending a lot of evenings with him and other close friends talking about the upcoming French elections and life in general: change, expectations, work, everything really. Therefore, the letter I wrote on that day was an intimate message, fist mentioning what my expectations for my cohabitation with my brother and his happiness in the his new job were. I was also asking my future self some questions about how my “personal” life was be going: was I happy, were things going well?

Most importantly, as things were changing fast, I was giving myself a cheer up message: if things were still going well it was perfect and I should keep doing what I was doing. Thumbs up! But if things were not…well it wasn’t a big deal after all. I would be traveling to North Carolina for a 2 weeks holidays on the next day to see my whole loving family reunited for the first time in 15 years. That was a reason enough to feel happy and blessed on that particular day.

In general, I decided to avoid putting too much pressure on myself in this very first letter: first because it was hard to imagine what was coming next due to uncertain period I was going through, and also because I wanted to give myself a little break from all my plans to find the perfect job, make money, move to Brazil and so on. In these 6 months I had been traveling more than usual: I had been to India, Spain, Italy, Brazil and I was going to the United States soon. I had also got a new job, created a blog, experienced a lot of change in general. It was kind of in an “in-between” moment that I welcomed gladly. I wrote precisely what I was expecting when I would receive this letter, but I tried to play it cool. However, I was happy to see that all my expectations, that were not that low, were met, which now makes me hope for the best.

The 2 upcoming letters, that I have set for the end of July and then the end of 2017, have higher expectations of course, and most importantly are very specific about what my professional achievements should be. Because I am in a path of creation (with the blog and the drawings) in this case my professional objectives won’t be about changing job yet but about mastering some new tools (like my Wacom tablet) as soon as possible, in order to start creating numerical drawings and feed my boutique on Etsy (see Week 18 – My drawings are finally for sale!) but also finish my friend’s diving fins (see Week 3 – Finding Diverse Art Project: the day I decorated diving fins!).

I have a lot going on and many small projects to follow-up simultaneously: sending reminders helps me keep focus and tracks my progress which is maybe the most important part. It is good to have passion and motivation to improve, but it is essential to aknowledge the path that has been traveled so far.

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