Week 13 – The food I brought back from Rio – Recipe of the Brigadeiro

The Brigadeiro is a common Brazilian delicacy made from condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter and chocolate or nuts sprinkles to cover the outside layer.

As soon as I landed in Brazil I understood that the brigadeiro is a big part of the Brazilian culture (it is said to be a national icon, like the Baguette or the Croissant would be for France).

This dessert can be served at kid’s birthday parties and in all sorts of reunions, especially when friends get together. The wedding I attended has served the most amazing collection of Brigadeiros.


Although it is very easy to prepare, today it has become a gourmet dish receiving a touch of sophistication by using pistachio, almonds, hazelnuts, etc., aswell as quality ingredients, fresh products and adding an elegant presentation. There are over 50 flavors in stores that are called brigadeiro “boutiques”.  While is Rio de Janeiro we went the boutique Fabiana d’Angelo for instance, one of the most  famous in Brazil.

Because I did not have time to buy some before leaving the family I was staying with explained how easy they were to make. I was skeptical at first because cooking is really not my forte, but after watching this video I confirm that I will be definitely prepare them for some special occasion they are so nice looking, they seem like a lot of effort when in fact they are not!

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