Week 13 – My first Week-End in Rio  

Today is Day 3 in Rio de Janeiro and I have been in love with it from the moment I landed in Brazil.

It is a city that I can immediately compare to American ones because of its size. In Europe we say that cities were made at “Human scale” so people would feel at the center of the world. In other continents the environment seems to dominate and Humans adapt. This is even truer in Rio where not only the streets are large, the distaces big and the buildings (including shopping malls) oversized. The nature around also reminds us about how small we are. Rio is surrounded by forests, mountains and an endless sea.

View of the Cristo Redentor from the Lake Rodrigo de Freitas
Lake Rodrigo de Freitas
Lake Rodrigo de Freitas
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Barra de Tijuca

São Francisco, Niterói
Barra de Tijuca
Itacoataria, Niteroi
Jurujuba, Niteroi
Jurujuba, Niteroi
Itacoataria, Niteroi

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