summer in Paris

Week 10 – Brace yourself, Summer has come…

…and gone again. This week-end  has announced the incredible summer we are going to experience in Paris this year, and it has not gone unnoticed!

It is with great sadness that I realized while taking my laptop to write about this week challenge, that I had not achieved anything major, and worse, I had not even started working on one of my usual creative, but not always feasible, ideas.

So I have looked at my agenda to see what took me so much time I could not find one hour to at least come up with a challenge. That’s when I realized I have had various ideas, like using my new camera phone to make a reportage of this week-end gateway on the countryside.

In fact it was the perfect moment to try out my brand new phone which allegedly has the best android camera on the market, aka the Samsung Galaxy S7. But I did not, although Sunday was a great day to take pictures, so great that while I fell asleep on the grass in a park near the Versailles Gardens after an amazing picnic, I was rewarded by a nice sun burn on my face and arms!

On Sunday, like all week, I have actually been busy spending quality moments with friends and family. In fact, it has felt just like the best week in a very long time. Maybe it is only the spring finally showing up, maybe it is the “letting go” part, the acceptance of situations I cannot control and the exciting new projects I am working on. Maybe I have finally just started changing my mindset, feeling positive in a constructive and not over the top way. Whatever the reason I am surfing on the good moments and I hope the feeling is going to last a little bit longer.

On Friday…

…the one before last, I have finally received my new phone and most importantly the “statement” case that goes with it! It is not the most important part of my week obviously (I have to say that), but it has certainly made me happy to have a phone that works and with which I will be able to take good pictures of my upcoming holidays!

leopard samsung galaxy s7 case

On Saturday…

…I discovered a great place to work. I usually work at home on a very uncomfortable couch that I am finally replacing next week. If you are also the kind of person who cannot buy valuable items for your home because you always think/wish that tomorrow you might move to the Bahamas and thus you don’t like long-term commitment to objects, gym subscription, bulk purchases of shampoo or dish soap, you will understand why it has not been replaced in over 2 years.

Anyways, I discovered that in Paris, as in any big city, you can actually enjoy the comfort of the lobbies of very luxurious hotels, use their WiFi connection and stay as long as you like by ordering anything at the bar. That is how I came accross the Cafe M, which is part of the 5* hotel Hyatt Madeleine, in the center of Paris. It is quite expensive (my tea was about 9 EUR), but the place is cozy and calm, the service outstanding and simply less crowded and noisy than any coffee shop.

On Sunday…

…I have walked miles through Paris to get to a tasty brunch, but I would not recommend it as it took forever to have the food (it is a quite popular place that gets easily crowded). Then, the clue of the day, was organizing a surprise dinner for my mom with her friends (the planning took quite some time between the phone calls, the Doodle, and the hiding). It was a great night though, which her friends and I decided to organize to thank her for always preparing awesome parties for everyone all the time (it was our quick response to my surprise 30th Birthday Party she through for me 2 weeks ago!).

On Tuesday…

…I took some time for myself to select a dress for my friend’s wedding. She is Moroccan and we are highly requested to wear a traditional outfit for the evening cocktail. In France we do not get to wear princess dresses, even for weddings, so the party is probably going to look like a Disney movie to me.

On Thursday…

…we celebrated the departure of one dear friend to Bali. We used to work together but he has now retired at the young age of 30 something to become a diving instructor. Needless to say we had to properly celebrate as it is hard to say when we are seeing him again (hopefully we’ll meet on the nice beaches of Bali and not along the Seine). Although we were at the Rosa Bonheur sur Seine that day and I can hardly say it was that bad.


On Friday…

…which was the first mild day of the week, we chilled on the terrace of a very nice “bar a vin”  called Le Rouge et le Verre, which provided great wine accompanied by assortments of salami, cheese patés or, if you are hungrier, typical French meals. While looking it up on the internet I discovered it is a chain of bars, there are 3 in Paris and they all have excellent reviews. I went to the one in rue de Turin where the owners were very nice although they apparently forbid the girls to pay for dinner when guys are there (so misogynist)!

On the way back we also stopped at Le Dome de Villiers, a fancy cocktail bar which is always crowded but a little less at 1AM. Main point is, I had the most amazing cocktail ever which name I cannot remember but probably had apricot juice and raspberry pulp in it! very expensive though…

On Saturday…

…I had some time to read magazines and enjoy some sun while cleaning the house, but Sunday was the most fabulous sunny day in a long time! as I was saying I went to the Versailles town but because there was at least a million people queuing to visit the Castle and the Gardens we went for a picnic in the surrounding gardens. For a place near Paris it was extraordinary to see how many people did not think to go there (every park or piece of grass gets invaded as soon as the weather gets better). If it wasn’t for some guy occasionally playing the bagpipe I would probably still be sleeping there.


So, although today it feels as faith has played a devious trick, making us believe it was time to take out our summer clothes whereas we have already put back on our coats, scarves and boots, well…Paris seemed a pretty happy city for once. I have heard no complaining, but instead a lot of cheerful (red) faces who have visibly also forgotten to put sun screen on this week-end!

it's spring...nope

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  1. Amazing, I absolutely love and admire the idea behind your blog. Halfway through reading your ‘About’ page I had to hit follow. I am intrigued to see what comes of your weekly challenges. My partner and I have taken the same attitude as yourself; in September I am leaving my full-time job of nearly 3 years and moving off to Australia to seek new adventures and fulfil all my time as well as possible. Here’s to many exciting adventures 🙂


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