Week 8 – Watching full Season 1 of new Netflix Brazil serie “3%” in Portuguese in one day

In a world sharply divided between progress and devastation, people living in extreme misery dream about going “to the other side”. The youngsters celebrating their 20th birthday are given the chance to make it to the “better side”  but only 3% of the candidates succeed. Through the episode we follow the recruitment process of a group on boys and girls amongst which some rebels wishing to destroy the system are hiding.

The trailer reminded me of the Hunger Games, which is not my favorite movie, but because it is a Brazilian TV show and I gave myself the challenge to be fluent by May 2017 (see Week 5 – Keep Calm and Learn Brazilian Portuguese post), and because I had the Friday afternoon off, I started Episode 1 in Original Version with no subtitles.

7 hours later I had watched all 8 episodes of Season 1, hoping that Season 2 will be available soon. And most importantly I gladly realized the huge progress I made as I had no difficulty understanding everything.

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