Week 3 – Back to basics, back to drawing

Drawing has been my passion since I was a kid, I am always scribbling on the corner of my notebook at work or at any conference. It keeps me focused on what I am listening but most of all I couldn’t function without it.

A few years back I started taking some Art classes, more specifically to learn to draw nudes. Every Thursday I would go to a 3 hours class at the Atelier des Beaux Arts to draw a naked person (male or female, old or young, holding the same position from 15 seconds to 2 hours). Because of the time constraint  I did not follow up, but I bought an easel and kept drawing at home. I am not constant in my activity as most of these drawings have been done in batches 3 years ago and one year ago.


I mainly use oil chalks that I spread out with white spirit on a cloth, and charcoal pencils. I often try new techniques although the result is not always great.

Now I want to start again on a regular basis, I have been missing my first passion since I started experimenting all these new activities, reading self-improvement books, going to the gym, traveling more and many more projects I will write about soon.

I decided to keep a special place for drawing and by organizing my home with a specific art studio I want it to be a place of inspiration and creation.

While I was looking for models and inspiration on Internet I actually found some amazing paintings that will be a base of work in the upcoming weeks: see Karol Bak website:

I also intend to sell reproductions of the paintings on etsy.com very soon, I will insert the links on this blog when done!


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