Week 0 – How I decided to learn something new every day

When I started my new and 4th corporate job in January 2016 I quickly realized that the problem was not the companies I had been working in nor the projects I was getting into. Corporate work does not fulfill my creativity, I have been drawing and painting since I was  a kid, I spend a lot of time reading novels, learning, traveling and dancing in the sun.

However, my new & extremely boring job not only gave me time on my hands but also pushed me to either become a vegetable or to find activities to boost my brain: so obviously I went looking for online videos and blogs. May I pause just to clarify that at the time I was trying to be more mature and give a chance to the job for once…(fine, I quit in the end but I TRIED!)

Anyways, it all began with spending more time on social media, browsing for random videos on you tube which led to finally deciding that I could also spend “some” of this time doing some actual “responsible” learning.

Of course the first videos I had been looking for were tutorials and blogs about makeup and such. Since I had been starting exercising and taking better care of myself I wanted to see what I was missing out there. Although I had always been and still was a big fan of makeup and fashion I did not have as much time as in college to follow the trends & the latest products.

So, here are my “top 2” youtube stars carefully selected after watching many tutorials (so many many).

photo-1The first one is Sandrea, a French 27 woman living in the United States and posting makeup & hairstyle tutorials. I love her drugstore products review, most of which we cannot yet find in France (NYX Cosmetics, Cover Girl, Elf, Milani), which is horrible, which of course made me crazy. Actually the choice for drugstore good quality products is infinite in the US whereas here in Europe, or maybe just in Paris, it is not always a good sign when products are cheap. Anyways, things are changing thanks to all these youtube stars and finally NYX Cosmetics has arrived in France since September 2016, so that was one happy day (all French girls were asking about the matte liquid lipstick which were inexistent in France until the end of last year). My top 2 videos: how to have wavy hair without heating (see Method 2 of this tutorial or the advanced version here)  and her tanning spray routine. Both are simple tips which make you look so good with so little effort.

photoI also came across Jaclyn Hill, and I could not get enough of her. First she is just gorgeous, but most of all she is hilarious, she has so much energy, it is crazy! and here tutorials are just so…well I am impressed, just follow here! I basically learned every thing I know now from her, starting from contouring & baking (??).She uses less drugstore products & more high end brands than Sandrea and goes for more sophisticated looks. I could not recommend any particular video, you really need to watch everything in the Makeup & Product review section.

That was for the girly part. Then after having learnt how to become beautiful I decided to learn something more valuable career-wise. Just so you know, no matter where you live, you can easily have access to free online learning platforms, in your mother tongue or in English, often sponsored by ivy leagues universities.

As an example for those who do speak French, you will find the link to the free online courses platform that I used here:

“FUN’s goal is to allow French and foreign universities, schools and academic partners to publish their courses online. The list of universities proposing courses on FUN is continuously getting larger”

Just to give you some ideas about the variety of the classes you can register for, I took the following courses (the platform issues videos every week which you have to watch to then answers some tests if you want an official “grade”):

It may seem random but I actually chose subjects that interested me at that particular time.

As an example, filming with a good smartphone gives satisfying results very quickly. If you are thinking about trying, you can learn the basics about framing, scene sequencing and editing on you tube and to start you will just need a free editing app (see Top 10 Best Android Video Editing Apps ), I personally chose KineMaster and it took me literally 5min to learn how to use it, and a Tripod to stabilize the phone. That’s it, have fun!

Anyways, my key message and key objective for this year is: never stop learning. Not only it stimulates your brain and makes you more sharp and focused, but it is also great fun. They do not have to be super smart subjects, as long as it calls for some creativity & some thinking. The 52 Weeks Challenge is about trying new things and finding out what else you might love!

On my next posts: see how reading self-improvement books can get you out of a rough patch & teach you how to create your own business!



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