Week 49 – New Year’s Eve far from celebrations

I came back from Italy the day after Christmas (Week 48 – Christmas in Italy ) and went to work only for one day (because of a shortage in available holidays) before being finally able to properly rest during a long week-end far from the maddening crowd and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Continue reading “Week 49 – New Year’s Eve far from celebrations”

Week 48 – Christmas in Italy

Every year I spend my Christmas Holidays, or at least Christmas day, in Italy, with my father’s family. This year was no exception and after landing in Florence on the 21st of December and spending one night there, I then left for my family’s home village, Sellano, until the 26th. Continue reading “Week 48 – Christmas in Italy”

Week 46 – End of the year Knitting production

Beginning of September I discovered knitting (see Week 33 – I am officially a Knitter) and since then I have never ceased to work on clothes and accessories for my family and myself. I love the possibilities, the creative and learning aspect and the fact that it allows me to watch television in parallel without the guilty feeling of doing nothing. This is what I made so far in just 4 months, so if you think it is hard, just start, it is easy, relaxing and so satisfying to see results so quickly! Plus, it is a great hyggelig hobby!

Continue reading “Week 46 – End of the year Knitting production”

Week 44 – My 3 weeks Crochet Project

While I was actively working on my knitting Christmas gifts, I had a tendency to talk a lot about it even outside the house (because it was all I was doing in the evenings while watching Christmas movies). That is when, during a dinner party, a friend told me about her past project: in a couple of months she had crocheted a dinnerware set with all kind of fruits and vegetables for her nephews. Because it was an excellent gift, obviously, I decided to make one too for my best friend’s children. Only it was 6 weeks before Christmas. Continue reading “Week 44 – My 3 weeks Crochet Project”

Week 43 – Creating an Enchanted Forest for a special night

Regularly my mother asks for my and my brother’s help to create, for a special event, a themed scenery in just a few hours. And the outcoming decoration is always breathtaking. Continue reading “Week 43 – Creating an Enchanted Forest for a special night”