Week 5 – Keep Calm and Learn Brazilian Portuguese

I have always had a dream about living in Brasil. I do not know what attracts me there, it has always seemed an exotic and warm place where I could have both worked as an engineer but where I could picture my personal life blooming. Continue reading “Week 5 – Keep Calm and Learn Brazilian Portuguese”

Week 4 – Dream Job, Next Exit

It took me some time to be sure I was not going through some temporary crisis but that I actually needed the change. When you talk about your doubts to your friends and family it is hard to get some positive response: you have a good career, sometimes even great, a stable life, a promising future and you will potentially never encounter any major financial problems. Continue reading “Week 4 – Dream Job, Next Exit”

Week 4 -New Life Coming Ahead

This week has been a very busy time, I have been out every night, meeting different groups of friends from all of my different past lives. Continue reading “Week 4 -New Life Coming Ahead”

My Father’s Orange Tiramisu Recipe straight from Italy

I’m not a great cook (I actually I started cooking very recently) but there is one delicious dish that I have been doing for years and it’s my father’s Tiramisu recipe. As mentioned earlier my father is a great Chef in Florence, Italy, so it doesn’t get more authentic than that! Continue reading “My Father’s Orange Tiramisu Recipe straight from Italy”

Week 3 -Finding Diverse Art Projects: the day I decorated diving fins!

While discussing about this week project one of my dear friends who left France to open a diving school in the Philippines, or in Bali or somewhere hot and dreamy, asked me if I could sketch something to decorate his diving fins. Continue reading “Week 3 -Finding Diverse Art Projects: the day I decorated diving fins!”

Week 3 – Back to basics, back to drawing

Drawing has been my passion since I was a kid, I am always scribbling on the corner of my notebook at work or at any conference. It keeps me focused on what I am listening but most of all I couldn’t function without it. Continue reading “Week 3 – Back to basics, back to drawing”